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Spire Travel Company has started a small-scale travel organization and has faithfully expanded with the dedication, passion and commitment of its team to the company's standards and customer service. The company expanded from an office located on Budaiya highway to an office and new branch situated at Bahrain Financial Harbour.

Spire Travel’s main mission and message is to take care of its customers by providing them with the finest quality of services in general or in a special way that depends on the request and terms of each customer.

Spire travel team keeps on developing its practical skills on daily basis to keep up with the requirements of this domain to sustain remaining in the forefront. Making sure that your place remains at high levels is tougher than the actual accomplishment.

Spire Travel team offers a lot of services to customers including: Travel tickets, advices, hotel bookings and many more. What distinguishes Spire from others is mastering the technical and digital field in addition to understanding the technical progress, which is made to serve our ideas and orientation, making it easier for our customers to get the best service they are looking for.

We offer our customers many services and features in airline bookings, hotels, and we offer the most significant tips and options that most suits your needs.


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In Spire, We have experience, absorptive capacity, and a very real market experience even though we are a young company in this field. What we rely on is our teams passion and innovation to deliver finest digital solutions and evolution found in the world of travel and tourism. We prepare programs and ideas for customers, taking into account the options offered and timetables such as vacations or climate and its preferences.

Enjoy Your Budget

We offer these solutions in the best way that suits your budget and conditions, creating your ultimate dream trip.

Variety Programs

We prepare programs and ideas for customers, taking into account the options offered and timetables such as vacations or climate and its preferences.

Trail Your Trips

Services are provided in general or in a special format for those who wish to have programmes that are suited to their own requirements and desires.

Client Satisfaction

Credibility and confidence for high satisfaction of our customers and their benefits

Vision and mission

We want to be your tourist counselor who creates your perfect journey, so we can turn your
dream into reality.


At Spire Travel, we believe that we can turn our customers dreams into reality through our experience in the field of travel, tourism and the organization of various journeys, whether it was a vacation, treatment, recreation, business or education.

Just visit us and you will sense the passion of our entire team. The company's main message is embraced and operated by the entire team, you will find that we are your advisors, your flight engineers and the employee who is fully vigilant to arrive and follow your journey safely.

Our services begin when you visit or communicate with us through the means of communication, but they do not end when you organize your trip this is just the beginning.

We are a reliable travel agency eager to serve you, and we are your advisor who will make your journey successful and achievable.

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